Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Taking a company public is never easy, but at least when you are a big company doing an IPO, there are all the advisors and VC’s (venture capitalists) and hotshots around, not to mention all the people and their dough who came in by purchasing stock before the IPO...

Taking a small business public, whether on the OTCBB or on the pink sheets, however, is another matter. It’s not easy, there are lots of decisions to be made, ups and downs as the timeline seems to expand and contract....

We will discuss there issues. I hope you will find this blog useful in your decision-making and in your research.

Since I am not involved in taking companies public, I feel I can be unbiased, sharing information and PR strategies as well.

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Blogger scott l f tygett said...

If you would like some suggestions of topics I would like to see covered, I'm not a big fan of reverse mergers. Show me someone incorporating in Utah and registering on the OTCBB as a ".p"?I am curious that there are still companies who get 500 people to invest something like a dollar, and then become "reporting"? What is that about? Will someone please type up a narrative of a few pink sheet stocks, how they came into being, and what fees were involved? And maybe a few words about how easy or difficult it is to buy them? From what I read, you'd have to be able to short stocks to be allowed to buy pinks?

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