Sunday, February 05, 2006

Google Ads like.... "Unknown Stock To Explode 800%"

Alot of the ads I see on this page, which are automatically inserted by Google adsense based on the topic or blog subject, seem to be for penny stocks.

Anyone who buys stock in a company because of some BS website on Google ads that is an obvious shill for a company... DESERVES to lose their money.

On that same token, websites like StockLemon are also guilty of many of the same behaviors they claim to guard against.

And I quote from their disclaimer:

"At any times the principles of might hold a position in any of the securities profiled on the site. will not report when a position is initiated or covered. Each investor must make that decision based on his/her judgment of the market. "

Shame, Shame.....

but then again, anyone that reads a rag on the internet, even a negative one, and makes desicions based solely on the basis on that information...

also deserves to lose their money!!!

food for thought....


Blogger Bruce Clement said...

I agree with you, unfortunately there are enough stupid people out there, and internet advertising so cheap, that it is worthwhile for these fraudsters to carry on with their schemes.

A study of history suggests that there will always be fools queuing up to lose their money.

11:27 PM  

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